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Business Alpha Search Listing Example Annual Fee

Business Alpha Search Listing consists of your business name, address and phone number. If your business resides in Lytle, Texas and is not listed in the Lytle City Limits Hometown Directory, fill out the short form to the right. 

We will confirm your business information and get your listing on the appropriate "Business Alpha Search" page at no charge to you.


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Basic Package Example Annual Fee

Basic package consists of full page ad with logo, listing in bold, large picture in upper central location of page and pertinate information about your business throughout lower portion of ad page. And if you have a website, your website link will be included at the bottom of your full page ad. Your ad will have a "view page" button under your listing in both the quick reference area and in the alpha search page of your listing.


Plus Package Example Annual Fee

Plus package consists of everything included in the basic package with addition of fading picture slideshow showing several pictures of your business which brings your ad page to life.


Premium Package Example Annual Fee

Premium package consists of both basic and plus packages and also includes a separate contact page with a contact form for visiting patrons to request information from your business establishment.


Ad Page Updates Example Per Update

Lytle City Limits Hometown Directory offers updates throughout the year. If your existing ad page needs some changes in your information, updates are always available.


All packages and updates are subject to sales tax.

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To provide a quality Lytle Business Directory,
all ads in "Lytle City Limits Hometown Directory" must have a Lytle address.